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Client/Server: Thin & Ultra Thin Client, Rich Clients

Green Initiatives? Regulatory Compliance Initiatives? Security Concerns? Mobile Workforce?

    First a Few Facts:
  • Server Centric: Designed to run ONLY in a server rather than client workstations
  • Host Centric: Designed to run in a centralized host computer rather than in a client/server oriented LAN
  • Client/Server: Client machines are complete stand-alone computers. Servers provide application and file storage, network administration, security and other critical functions. Peer-to-Peer architecture means sharing the same responsibilities or distributed intelligence.
  • Thin Client: In a client/server network the client node acts like a PC but has little in the way of resources such as disk space or RAM but does have some type of operating system.
  • Ultra Thin Client: Acts like a PC when connected in a client/server network. Unlike a PC and thin client ultra thin clients have no operating system or application software. Virtually immunized from viruses and security issues.
  • Rich Client: “Web-based” architecture is natural client/server architecture.
  • Zero Client: “USB-based” architecture designed to work with Microsoft® WIN MultiPoint Server 2011 (Dell® Wyse). (A.k.a. Ultra Thin Client with ethernet LAN depending on the vendor)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop operating system running on a virtual machine, on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server model coined by VMware®. VDI is an alternative to the Citrix®, Microsoft® RemoteFX and Microsoft® Terminal Services.
  • All-in-one Zero Client. One sample of the wide variety of new client/server technology exploding on today’s market (T410 by HP®)

Thin clients are an ideal solution for healthcare, government, retail, education, and financial Companies. In reality thin clients are an ideal solution for any company, any desktop except where heavy computing & graphics are required.

Client/Server Implementation: Abtech's “ground up” approach is applied to client/server implementations. Building infrastructure, network infrastructure, WAN infrastructure, then client/server infrastructure options are assessed. Best practices solutions (there is seldom a single clear solution) are carefully reviewed with your team. Your solution will be the one that your team finds a match to your company goals not the solution on special.

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